QuickTime Alternative 1.76


MD5: 7A5E67521C69DC07BA6D427D76E0368E
Information: website
Size: 13.1 MB
RogePost: Download
GigaSize: Download

QuickTime Alternative will allow you to play QuickTime files without having to install the official QuickTime Player.
All QuickTime formats (.mov .qt .3gp etc.) are supported, including streaming content and QuickTime content that is embedded in webpages.

Some advantages compared to QuickTime player:
– Quick and easy install
– It’s easy to make an unattended installation
– No background processes
– Use a player of your own choice
– Low on resources
– Smaller size

Version 1.76:
– Media Player Classic [version rev 611]
– QuickTime Codecs [version]
– QuickTime plugin for Internet Explorer
– QuickTime plugin for Opera/Mozilla/Netscape
– Extra plugins for QuickTime
– DirectShow MOV parser
– DirectShow QuickTime decoder wrapper
– CoreAVC
– CoreAAC


2 Responses to “QuickTime Alternative 1.76”

  1. 1 Johan

    That download link is down. Any chance for a new one?

  2. The link works for me.
    Anyway… I will add a new mirror 😉

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