Internet Explorer 7.0


MD5: 5318AB0A1024B28CE6001C6E8AF755D3
Information: website
Size: 15.13 MB
RogePost: Download
GigaSize: Download

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 continues the Internet Explorer commitment to provide enhanced security and privacy, additional browser features, and enhanced usability for platform developers.

8 Responses to “Internet Explorer 7.0”

  1. 1 desi


  2. 2 Fred

    Is this only English?
    Are other languages build-in, or are they a seperate download?

  3. It’s only English.
    MS provides separate downloads for other languages.

  4. 4 kenotz

    can i integrate this on win2003 server?

  5. I don’t think so, MS provides another installer for Win2003.
    Just download it from their website and replace it in my addon.
    Or integrate it directly with nLite 1.2.1

  6. intergrated into xp sp2 using nlite 1.2.1 flawlessly.

  7. 7 Diskgrind

    ok, great work, but can this be used with RyanVM’s integrator as well????

  8. All addons were extensively tested in nLite, but should work just fine with RyanVM’s integrator as well 😉
    No problems reported until now.

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