AntiVir Personal


MD5: 845A42D52368B393E4C6403E1497BBDF
Information: website
Size: 13.06 MB
RogePost: Download
GigaSize: Download

Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic reliably protects your private computer against dangerous viruses, worms, Trojans and costly dialers.
More than 15 million users worldwide trust in the reliable protection of Avira AntiVir. And this is no coincidence at all: Avira has gained several awards. The product combines first-class detection rates and ease of use with a top performance that protects your computer safely and hardly burdens older PCs.


2 Responses to “AntiVir Personal”

  1. Isn’t avast antivirus a better choice? Maybe Avira is. I had ZoneAlarm and Avast both installed and ZoneAlarm immediately detected a virus when I connected an external HDD but Avast was unable to. And I un-installed it.

  2. With two anti virus programs installed, there’s a high probability that one messes with the operation of the other.

    Also, ZoneAlarm, I am told, is better at catching script viruses.

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