HowTo: Integrate addons with nLite RogePost, GigaSize
MD5: 3281220388094F46A0D6734E957DF2A9
Size: 1.26 MB
Duration: 1:51
Description: learn how to integrate application addons with nLite.

HowTo: Unattended with nLite RogePost, GigaSize
MD5: 75E848018294E7318BB2500469B9C1B7
Size: 1.70 MB
Duration: 2:29
Description: learn how to make unattended installation with nLite. Insert key, create user account, set regional and language settings, resolution, network settings, select default visual style, etc.

HowTo: Patch Windows with nLite RogePost, GigaSize
MD5: C62846A8CB935CF7DF49D80A51432B99
Size: 0.38 MB
Duration: 0:24
Description: learn how to patch your Windows installation source files with nLite. Increase the maximum unfinished simultaneous connections to improve your p2p speeds; Enable unsigned themes support to be able to use any Visual Style you like; Disable Windows File Protection (SFC) to avoid problems removing windows components.

HowTo: Create addons with AutoIt GigaSize
MD5: 7961C362E522936ECFE14A84E50314DE
Size: 21.47 MB
Duration: 12:04
Description: learn how to create addons for nLite with AutoIt scripts. Foobar 0.9.4 is used in this example. Commentary audio track in Bulgarian language. Best viewed @ 1280×1024.

4 Responses to “Video”

  1. 1 headroom

    Great work Man, very thank’s

  2. 2 paul

    Hello there,

    I tried to download your video’s via GigaSize, but the results are zero-sized video’s, only the last one succeeded. I tried several times and at different times a day. Seems to me that they are no longer uploaded at GigaSize. Can you please give me a hint how to get the first three video’s?

    Greetz Paul

  3. Some users with IE7 reported problems with 0byte downloads from GigaSize. Works fine with Firefox or IE6 though.
    New mirrors coming right away 😉

  4. 4 Booster

    Thanx a lot 😉

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